Get a Mile High With Your Lover!

The Black Rock Travel Agency, the official FBO at Black Rock City Airport and infamous leader in the BM Aviation Community, has been gracious enough to donate to the Black Rock City Post Office a few chances to actually join the Mile High Club!

Three Scenic & Erotic Flights are being offered over the main event itself, Burning Man 2007. Don't miss this chance to help support the BRCPO and to tell your friends that you "did it" while circling The Man. Indoor & Outdoor photography is encouraged and all landings are "Clothing Optional".

These incredible flights will be raffled off on July 31st. The last day to buy ticket(s) will be July 30th. The Playa flights are approx 50 mins long, since every one at Burning Man is already in a perpetual state of arousal and circling The Man for extended periods has been known to cause irreversible Nirvana.

Tickets are only $10 dollars each and can be purchased via PayPal.
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Each ticket earns one lucky couple a chance for a dream flight filled with love, laughter, passion, excitement, beautiful scenery and life-long memories of the day you both joined the infamous "Mile High Club". They also make great gifts. Don't miss out!

Click here to see an artist's rendering of how this dream flight might look.

Please include your name, address, phone number, and email with your entry. Prizes may not be sold, but may always be gifted to any deserving life-form(s), which should assure you a seat next to {insert-your-deity-name} somewhere beyond the pearly gates of {insert-your-afterlife-myth}. Winners will be notified on August 1st, 2007.

Your tickets will help ensure that the Black Rock City Post Office, now in its 11th year, can continue providing exceptionally disgruntled disservice to the discitizens of our disreputable discity. We thank you in advance for your support.

Have questions about the flight? Contact Friendly Jen at