The suspects BEHIND the BRC Post Office



Name: The General
Aliases: unknown
Hair: playa-colored
 Eyes: unknown
  Identifying Marks: huge smile,
              beer in at least one hand
   Last known location: open playa

This suspect is wanted for numerous counts of inciting riots and reckless distribution of alcohol.


Name: Jason
Alaises: Sex Offender,
              the other sailor boy
Hair: playa-colored
 Eyes: blue
  Identifying marks:
     complete lack of tan
   Last known location:
      Bob's Rainforest

We're not exactly sure what he's guilty of. Any girl who has been in his tent refuses to testify.


Name: Nutmeg Alfredo
Alaises: Spank
Hair: playa-colored
 Eyes: grey
  Identifying marks: strangely
    attractive 1 piece dress
   Last known location:

Instigation. Misdirection. Character Defamation.